Real estate management consulting

Improving the effectiveness of real estate management on the strategic, tactical, and operative levels.

Real property ties up capital and requires active management on various levels. On the strategic level, we determine a vision for the property, which comprises the direction and the distance we are working toward, as well as a strategy for achieving an optimal real estate portfolio and reaching the objectives.

On the tactical level, we realize the real estate strategy and manage the operative level in accordance with the strategy and the portfolio-specific objectives. The key tasks of the tactical level include the measurement of activities and the utilization of the produced results in decision-making on the strategic level.

Knowledge-based management is used to ensure that the properties achieve the targets specified for them and that those using the facilities are satisfied. The results from individual properties are used to produce information, which is used as the basis of an action plan designed to ensure that the customer’s entire real estate portfolio achieves the objectives in line with the strategy.

On the operative level, the real properties are managed in accordance with the objectives of the tactical level in a responsible manner, taking into account the environmental aspects and energy-efficiency. Management on the operative level is visible to the users in an enjoyable, responsible, and environmentally friendly working and living environment.

We are your support in the field of property management. The extensive experience of our specialists and our comprehensive real estate management consulting services allows us to support the objectives of your organization on all levels of real estate management. ranging from the development of strategy to its deployment for operational activities.

CREM services allow real estate to support core business activities

Our Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM) service can be used to support organizations whose core business is not in the real estate sector, but real estate is still used to support the core business. With appropriate real estate management service, the customer is able to focus on their core business while the CREM service enables synergy between the core operations and real estate activities.

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