Conmer BI

Real estate asset life cycle management tool

Apply the power of data and analytics!

Conmer BI is a Business Intelligence solution that we have developed for real estate owners and investors: a Life Cycle Management tool for managing by information based on a real estate strategy. This tool provides an integrated, comprehensive overview of all aspects of the real estate life cycle management process, incorporating all important financial, operational and strategic information in a single system. The system is scalable, suiting the needs of large real estate portfolios and individual condominium housing companies alike.

All indicators in one place

Managing by information means closely monitoring and anticipating changes in real estate
finances, technology, construction and the environment. Conmer BI is an intelligent
solution that helps real estate owners and investors make rational decisions over the real
estate life cycle. The system provides the key figures for your real estate assets over an
entire real estate portfolio, and details of the following factors at portfolio and property

  • The current technical values of properties determined by various methods
  • Key indicators of technical value and repair debt
  • Prioritisation of long-term planning repairs according to assigned targets
  • Carbon footprint impacts

We display regional data relevant to the operations of each client on a map to support
investments and project decisions, such as:

  • Population distribution and demographic projections
  • Traffic volumes and public transport
  • Location of services
  • Building and real estate information, and links to National Land Survey services
  • Ground conditions in an area

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Conmer BI supports:

  • comprehensive administration of real estate asset maintenance and management by information
  • timely, needs-based and goal-oriented repair and maintenance, both for individual sites and a property portfolio
  • the managed impact of planned repair measures on growth in the current technical value of a building, on repair debt, and on achievement of a target technical condition

Consulting and development services for property owners

We help in management of properties by information. You may rely on our specialists when seeking a comprehensive overview of growth in the technical value of buildings and an optimal plan for reducing repair debt. Managing maintenance by information helps you prioritise property portfolio repair investments according to the targets assigned for sites.

We also apply our long experience when making condition assessments and long-term plans, surveying service space networks, and estimating the carbon footprint impacts of repairs. This enables us to propose optimal solutions and suggest various development options in the light of their known impacts.

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