We contribute to tomorrow’s development by responsible and sustainable cooperation with our customers and partners. Our services and expertise are trusted by, for example, our following customers.

Aava Medical Center

Conmer operates as an expert partner for the real estate and facility management of Aava Medical Center. Aava is a responsible medical center offering health and well-being services in 18 locations in Finland.

City of Pori

Conmer’s digital lifecycle and repair debt management service is utilized in the city of Pori’s culture and sport real estate portfolio. Pori is a city of sustainable growth where responsibility and digitalization are emphasized.

Brunswick Real Estate

Conmer operated as an expert partner in the long-term lifecycle management of a real estate portfolio of 42 properties and in the determination of technical key figures of the portfolio assets. Brunswick Real Estate is a responsible real estate investor that makes a positive impact on society and environment.

City of Hyvinkää

Conmer acts as a real estate analyst for the city of Hyvinkää, ensuring the timely, high-quality, and cost-effective ownership and development of the city’s real estate portfolio.  Real estate analytics ensures the lifecycle management of the city’s real estate assets, and the organization’s ability to proactively react to changes in the industry. The city of Hyvinkää’s operations emphasize responsibility, and the pillars for decision-making include digitization and sustainable development.