Technical and environmental Due diligence (TEDD) services for real estate transactions

Our expert service for real estate transactions helps both domestic and international investors reach their targets.

We produce impartial technical, environmental due diligence (TEDD) assessments as well as ESG Due diligence assessments for vendor and buyer and to support decision-making and sales negotiations, whether related to an individual property or a more extensive real estate portfolio. Our experienced team of specialists acts as a consulting partner in an interactive manner throughout the entire process.

A Technical Due Diligence (TDD) assessment highlights the potential risks related to technical aspects, the topicality of future repair and renovation needs, and the cost impact. The TDD assessment will also provide an overall view of the property’s situation with regard to official inspections. A review of administrative matters provides a clear view of the fulfilment of obligations imposed by authorities, building permits, and any easements pertaining to the property comprising the subject of the transaction.

An Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) assessment focuses on the assessment of environmental liabilities and obligations pertaining to the property. The EDD assessment can also include a BREAAM/LEED certification review and a closer look at the responsibility and sustainability related aspects. During the ESG Due Diligence assessment, the subject of a real estate transaction is examined in terms of the environmental, social, and governance related considerations.

Our due diligence service can always be customized to meet your individual needs for real estate transactions. With our experienced specialists and extensive networks, we can provide a comprehensive and confidential consultation service.

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